Luggage Trolley

Luggage Trolley
Is it possible to bring a fake designer handbag / luggage to U.S. airport?

my friend bought this LV trolley i guess its PEGASE 50 .. and she is so in love with her, had planned, even to bring it to the U.S. when they get there. but she will use it as a custom bag, for your luggage and things like that. but what security to stop because she used some fake (but a good replica) designer bag upon entering the U.S. airport?? please answer me! thanks!

Is it possible? … yes … but it is also possible that he was. There is NO WAY anyone on Answers I can answer that question because there are too many variables … it all depends on the sharpness of the customs agents when entering the U.S.

The Luggage Trolley Push

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