Luggage Strap

Luggage Strap
Where I can buy large durable bags?

Im going to go abroad for 6 months and I have to fit all my stuff in 2 checked bags. Anyone know where I can buy a large suitcase with wheels that isn't as weak? possibly one that I could strap a large canvas bag for? I have to be able to move all my luggage by myself from the airport to the train station and I also have a backpack and a laptop as hand luggage.

Usually carry some luggage huge JCPenney and Kohls. I bought a suitcase at JCPenney that was about 2 feet wide by 3.5 or 4 feet long and 8 or 9 inches deep. It came in a package, but I'm sure I could buy something individual. If that's not what you want, try They have almost every bag, canvas bag and wheels of the cases in the universe.

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