Luggage Silhouette

Luggage Silhouette
Samsonite Spinner Garment: X'ion vs silhouette?

I'm buying a garment samsonite spinner. I filtered my options to 2: X'ion and the silhouette models. The problem is that there is a significant price difference (the figure is about double the price of a X'ion), found online Limited product detail. I think both the luggage appears to be the same size (approximately 22 "x 22" x 10 "). There must be an important difference to explain the huge gap in the price. Can you please help me understand?

Samsonite suitcase is a better quality and will last for many years. They cost more, but better resistance to all the abuses of travel. I bought more expensive cases, but had to replace after a couple of years. My last bag Samsonite lasted 20 years and I just bought a new one because I wanted a more modern design.

Samosnite Silhouette 11 Spinner Garment Bag

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