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Luggage School
Thomas Cook hand luggage carriers?

I'm going to Cancun in September and now that hand luggage is 5 kg. I'm taking my bag college, the following may be taken? I also want to take my digital camera on board, is considered as hand luggage too? my 5 kg bag is exactly, is the kind of cam as overweight or do not count as part of baggage? Help please Chris

According to its web site only allowed 1 piece (Including laptops, purses, etc) – I guess that includes cameras in your hand luggage, etc. You are allowed one piece of hand baggage which must not exceed 5 kg or 43 cm x 28 cm x 23 cm in size. One piece of hand luggage including handbags, laptops, etc, any person transporting one or more of one piece of hand luggage will be returned upon arrival. Pack film in hand luggage as low dose X-ray machines will not affect you.

Ep 2: Tickets & Luggage

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