Luggage Rolling

Luggage Rolling

SIBA and feels a little slow, I leafed through apathy in endless pages of spas, Hippy Dippy places of spirituality and many hotels in the health or exercise regimes cleverly disguised vacations. I wanted the opportunity to improve their physical and spiritual, but I wanted on my terms.

The online search for something different, I found what I sought, with more research on plant and "go easy" approach In the exclusive mountain retreat rise strongly with the agreement. I am a bit of adventure tourism at times and have enjoyed kayaking and mountain biking, so a place with activities that offer a great alternative to sunbathing and relaxing, if I became a little restless. The booking procedure is simple and the next day I received confirmation of booking and balance of payment of the invoice. Also attached to my welcome email was a reservation form reflexive, to answer some simple questions about my personal needs during my stay, a nice touch. I've never been in a mountain shelter before and although I used to travel alone to work both my vacation and strange, I must admit that ever so slightly worried about being a single woman of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, in a foreign country. In aspects positive, I finished packing and headed for the exits.

Although my flight was delayed, I was in Bulgaria's Sofia airport by a gentleman kind that made up for lack of English with a warm smile and genuine gestures. My driver loaded my luggage in a car and set off for Kardzhali executive. The trip was broken with a brief stop for refreshments and soon we were shooting in Kardzhali town for the meeting with my hosts, where I was offered additional drinks, while that the baggage was transferred into a Land Rover for the "final climb. Leaving the city and headed toward the mountains, we talked about Bulgaria, roads, time, work, food and London, to the landscape through which they traveled could be ignored any longer. They said the appearance improves as more deep in the mountains and after 30 minutes, the stunning scenery almost made me speechless! There was no doubt in my mind that the Rhodope Mountains are in fact a place special. Upon reaching my destination, my choice of mountain retreat was already beginning to exceed my expectations, the location of the house and the views are absolutely breathtaking. Soon he shows me to my accommodation, which was all that I could have hoped for and more.

The independent apartment delivered the perfect blend of rustic charm, with Warm wooden floors and furniture, along with exceptional cleaning and a wonderful and huge shower room. Everything was very well presented and the kitchen was fully equipped with apparently everything you might need for a week and more to boot. Detoxification Let go! During the week on my mountain retreat that would achieve some small goals. So I had to eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of clean mountain spring water, a lot breathe in the wonderful mountain air, get some exercise daily to improve my tan long delay, whereas positive thoughts. As time passed, I began to feel completely comfortable with everything in the mountains. The friendly villagers happened to me in my numerous trips and short excursions to wave and smile, my hosts were always available if I needed anything and I really enjoyed the feeling of being alone when out on my excursions although never more than a mile or two friendly faces.

The sun began the first day and showed me the top spots for both views and privacy. Being able to sunbathe naked was a necessity for me, and I immediately felt comfortable. Lying in bed at night, I knew I was on my way to a feeling of comfort and complete relaxation. During my week in the mountains, my tone and released after the load of my mind. I laughed, I cried, my ambitions reflect and refresh. I highly recommend a quiet rest in the beautiful mountains of eastern Rodopi. I looked good, was great and only regretted that I had to leave my mountain retreat, when my time was up.

Find out more by visiting Melanya Mountain Retreat. A mountain holiday at Melanya Mountain Retreat is a green holiday and supports the local community.

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