Luggage Red

Luggage Red
Any advice, concerns, warnings, etc about riding the subway from the Midway Airport area Wrigley Field?

Upon arrival airport Midway with luggage on wheels – thought about taking orange line metro station on the Red Line Addison. Be problematic fires because of the luggage (stairs, overcrowding, etc)? What do I have to be aware of or look out for?

Nothing in particular – the two lines are safe and relatively efficient (although there are some current slowdowns northbound red line.) All you need do is take the Orange Line from Midway to Roosevelt – Which only goes one way from Midway – get off at Roosevelt platform, take your luggage for the elevators (there are elevators and escalators) to the Red Line Metro, considering that the North (which will be labeled "Howard") to Addison, then take the elevator (again, no elevators) to the street. You then a few steps from Wrigley Field. Very easy. Unless you happen to be doing this during rush hour or during a Cubs game, the crowds will not be bad – and even if they are, there are plenty of trains and everyone understands about people with luggage in and out of Midway Airport. Do not be a problem.

The Red Luggage (Part Three, Shopping Center)

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