Luggage Lock

Luggage Lock
What are the chances that your luggage is lost or stolen something from her?

I'm getting paranoid, because I have a very girly, looking luggage faces and I fear it will be a target for a thief. I'm going to California from Alaska and I have a stop in Seattle. I will be using TSA approved luggage locks. Ever you lost your luggage or have stolen anything from it? What I can do to prevent or to protect myself in case my luggage is lost or stolen?

In 20 + Years of travel, I've never had my luggage lost or stolen. The worst thing that ever happened is damage to some of my stuff (usually souvenirs) when security rifles through my belongings. Often, putting a good form of a letter for the trouble at least. The best thing to do is not to pack anything valuable in checked baggage. Downplay his luggage. Cheap bags usually last as long as expensive designer bags and make your things in a target by the promise of someone looking for a quick and easy mark in the sea of bags. Just be sure to put some distinctive colors, markings, or markings on their bags to help you locate quickly.

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