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Bigobyamugenyi believes is a place that housed the Chwezi around 1500 AD It derives its name from the enclosure of forests of trees around the old palace Chwezi. There are two pinnacles trees to welcome the extension of 350 hectares.

After spending a night on the town of Masaka, I felt fresh enough to engage on my trip to one of the places of my junior school teacher had spoken in a way that made it look just imaginary. However, this time it was my job takes me to this issue adventurous – to Bigobyamugenyi. It was an unforgettable trip, and not easy as I can confess.

Bigobyamugenyi is about 15 miles of NTUs, a small town commercial. The road to this place that is probably one of the potential tourist attractions, is bouncy and settlement. Bigobyamugenyi is a long distance through a thick forest.

To get where we had to struggle against the bushes to clear the way to the site. As we move forward, jajja Mugenyi, cultural guide, I said that some of the historical events that have shaped this site Chwezi that the government has recently offered to take and develop. He adds that the gods deliberately cause flooding to close the site each time they (the gods) were in recess, or where they had converged.

Bigobyamugenyi, and later in learning, is a place that housed the Chwezi think about 1500A.D. It derives its name from what the tree forest enclosure around the old palace Chwezi. There are two pinnacles tree which welcomes the extension of 350 hectares. "There are a number of medicinal plants and trees here, but you are not asked to pluck them without permission notice, "he said. He added that in addition to spiritual healing guests came for, some of these plants, over time, become part of the prescription.

More far from here there are two routes. Considering that the subjects reached the forest area, the Kings moved Chwezi through two issues that were not to be used by residents, except when the king agrees.

The routes are just a few meters outside the king's compound surrounded by ditches, probably As a security measure to stop intruders from entering the palace.

Further north is also closed by the river Katong. Just above the river and away from the main compound are historical stones where the kings held their meetings.

King compound is characterized by cultural regalia like spears age set upright. There are also shields and huts that dot the campus. At the entrance there are two huts that were formerly occupied by the soldiers of the kings – local Wankaki called.

"The huts inhabited by guests who want their problems solved. Depending on the nature of their problems, they stay for a period of time, "said Mugenyi. According to him, some of the visitors are some of the rich and famous in the country.

It is located in the compound are a number of local fire places, each representing one of the relatives of the kings with their respective spiritual functions. Mugenyi, who claims to be a descendant of the Chwezi, took its name from one of the Kings. popular story is that the king invited Wamara Mugenyi, who was famous for its miraculous actions.

"It is believed that it was a semi-god with supernatural powers, "says de Wamara. Lutasandagwa who had children, and Kakuru Kato, was one of their leaders. Mugenyi said that so far, still experiences visions through which the spirits communicate and guide him in his plans for specific changes they want made in the palace. "Sometimes, I looked and then disappear. At night, a fire will appear on the hillside, "he adds.

Outside the compound is a trench called locally Luzi LWA Ssalongo (Ssalongo so), where the faithful pray and make offerings. We are instructed to remove our shoes in this place.

"For their prayers accepted by the gods, the faithful who are dedicated to this place for nine days and nights, "he stresses. Disposable two steps, and Enkomi bachwezi, a cyclic compound where it is believed that Chwezi have one of their most important assets, livestock. Mugenyi said that was released by King Chwezi Ndahura. In there are hoof prints of his favorite cow, Bihogo. Next door is a hole where the bahwezi believed to have kept his treasure chest that is based on Mugenyi was gold and silver of the Kings acquired from their war expeditions.

Mugenyi said represents the excavation hole up by the whites from Portugal who stole the treasure. And with all these tales, Mugenyi claims there are still many secrets that the gods have kept him. At this point, I have to rest, but not in this part of the country where the only option would be to join the elders of the people to drink a local beer. I could have done with a little cold water after the adventure of a long day, but I had to take a taxi back to Sembabule for another experience. O what a day!

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