Luggage Expandable

Luggage Expandable
Should airlines charge by the pound?

There is debate over how to load sometimes fat people for two seats. Our companies are spending more on fuel because the average weight is rising. If the thin people pay less. What would have a total weight limit for each flight and tickets sold by the pound at check-in. This could include the baggage as well, so that problem is solved. Bring all you want but pay for it. You can enter weight and weight of luggage to make a reservation for airlines can plan. Make the seats expandable to accommodate more fat people and reduce down to thinner and sit together. A fat and lean on each side of the aisle, etc. This seems too rational and fair. If you do not like to lose weight or have a car or go by boat if its exterior. Actually, I'm fat at 250 pounds and have a hard time in the seats, but I'm also fair. I would pay extra to get a little more room and I rarely take lots of luggage. But the cost of first class is too high for me.

Might like your idea because I'm 125 pounds and I have lots of luggage, luggage only hand, even on vacation for several weeks. I prefer to hand wash clothes every night, using fabrics that are dry at night (silk …) who have to deal with heavy luggage carousels or that could be lost. But I think people have enough problems heavy it is. I agree that some seats should accommodate them (as large first class), so do not have to pay for two small uncomfortable seats, just one more comfortable. You want to reduce the seats folded to the skinny? I do not think the seats are big enough as it is, even for someone like me, but I'm maybe, thinking about the poor sweating following heavier person too much of me, which seems much more uncomfortable, squirming like a worm. What about tall people? Should they pay more for more legroom? The paradox is that as the general population is gaining weight, the seats of the airlines are small so they can make more of them in the same space to make more money, and keep both. I've been the same weight my whole life and were much more comfortable seats 20 years ago, unless you are in first class (or class) and then the opposite is true … the seats have become virtually beds over the years. Probably space increasingly crowded Class 2. While we're at it, why women do not pay half of all restaurant meals with smaller portions, because you need not eat as much as men? They are paid so much for the same job and should not have to pay up for the same food, mostly because they can not eat all, so they must pay half price for half the meal. I like restaurants, but I'm tired of having to eat the same thing the next day for lunch and dinner due to the eternal doggie bag.

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