Luggage Collection

Luggage Collection
"I can travel to Canada from Spain with a decorative dagger?

My boyfriend and I are getting married in December in Canada, and will live in Spain has this crazy idea that he wants to cut the cake with some kind of sword or dagger decorative as it is that all such things, wants to take one of his daggers in his ans library use that instead of cutting the knife conventional cake, however we live in Spain and it means traveling with the dagger in our baggage output and told me to post for the home, my question is that we are allowed to travel with this issue in our luggage abroad, if we have to notify the company air than we are, I said I do not think is allowed, but want to check before you disappoint your idea, does anyone know the answer to this insurance

You can take if you pre-arrange with the airline and can not be carried in hand luggage.

3D Walkthrough – Baggage Reclaim at Heathrow Terminal 5

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