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Luggage Cart

To tip or not to tip? As an American I was raised in a culture of inflection and therefore edge services wherever you go. Many people will tell you that Thailand is not is a culture of turning or at least not until we Americans ruined the place leaving tips everywhere.

So, some advice and recommendations to the when people go to Thailand and other skins and no argument.

I had the opportunity to eat at some small Thai restaurants in my last journey and I saw what the Thai people did and interestingly most of them left a tip for the waitress, not much but some advice anyway. Everyone seemed to leave only changing the law … perhaps 5 to 10 baht each.

One thing is certain: whether or not Americans started in Thailand in the service industry expect something. Believe me, I have heard the term thrown around economic Charlie on many occasions, when a dump truck did not leave the scene.

Not everyone expects a tip. The shopping street vendors or baht bus drivers do not tip. The taxi is usually complete the job meters tip, but the maids, waitresses, bartenders and I tip well. You do not have to give big tips, but they give is appreciated and remembered by the general. I usually leave the maid a tip of 20-50 baht a day and in the restaurant or stop bar 20 to 50 baht tip sometimes more like the restaurant and bar staff usually pool their tips. To make sure that the person who wants to get I put the tip to escape from them in secret. More times than not going to share with the other modes.

Some people argue that they are already getting attention to do their job and should not receive more, but for me I can not see things that way, especially in a country where the average Thai earns three to six thousand baht per month ($ 100 – $ 200). Yes, the cost of living is much cheaper in Thailand, but it is easy for a foreigner to say when we are spending the equivalent of one year Thailand's salary in one or two week vacation.

The Thai people are very helpful to begin with, the care of the people taking care of you only have a holiday best and is never a bad thing.

Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland I finally set out to discover the world in 2006. South East Asia has always been a beacon for me and Thailand its crowned jewel.

I write about my experiences in Thailand as well as the cultural aspects of being a foreigner in a foreign land. I blog daily about Thailand at:

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