Luggage Cargo

Luggage Cargo

If you already have a cover by Pace Edwards retractable barrel or are thinking of buying one in near future, consider adding the amazing feature of PowerGate. PowerGate was created by Pace Edwards to improve safety and enhance the versatility to cover retractable barrel. Can be used with Pace Edwards Retractable tonneaus including BedLocker, Full Metal Jackrabbit and hare. For less than $ 100 extra, PowerGate allows you to lock and unlock the tonneau cover in synchrony with major truck door locks.

This device was invented by security in mind. Imagine being able to immediately block the barrel each time you close the doors of the truck. Many covers truck bed must be in place manually, or come with a remote control locking tonneau cover only. Unfortunately, you can close its doors and forget to secure your tonneau cover. This can happen because of distractions and bustle when you're away from home running errands.

If you forget to close tonneau cover it, this could leave their precious cargo exposed to thieves. A malicious person can easily open the barrel and come to their articles, but the cabin area is closed. This can happen in just a moment in time … while the payment of their fuel, having a stop bath, dining out, visiting friends, working in a company, or even in your own driveway while you sleep! Expensive items such as tools, boots, fishing or hunting gear, luggage, etc. can be taken without your knowledge if your tonneau cover is left unsecured.

Like most truck owners, you're probably already in the habit of closing the door to his truck's cab area. So with PowerGate you do not have to "remember" anything. You'll just simply close the doors as usual, and have peace of mind that your tonneau cover lock every time. PowerGate simplifies the process by providing a safety margin all in all.

PowerGate Features

PowerGate has a stainless steel plate of music and slide bolt with nylon guide block, that helps prevent corrosion between metals. It comes with a plug-and-go wiring harness. If your car no longer has power door locks, PowerGate has an optional switch kit to make the transition easier. recent models have improved push-pull actuator for better gear, which provides increased product life.

A guide Application and detailed installation instructions for truck makes and models are available in the manufacturer's website Pace Edwards. PowerGate can be applied certain models of Chevrolet / GMC, Ford, Dodge and Toyota. Not all models are included, so be sure to check the application guide before ordering. Most truck can be installed without drilling PowerGate, but you should read over the instructions for your model so you know what to expect. Less wiring is required, and some installations are easier than others. Most applications are fast, the projects of "do it yourself so you can rest assured PowerGate and ask with confidence.

PowerGate accessories include an extension of double cab, a switch kit, wire harness PowerGate "A" and "B" and an actuator PowerGate. A wiring harness (LK1033-1) is included with all kits.

Given how busy our lives can become a daily basis, PowerGate appears to be a useful addition His pace Edwards retractable tonneau cover. Provides security for your valuable cargo while also making it easy to block all areas of your truck with a button press. Most truck owners YES answer to the question: "Is it worth adding the dollars?" With PowerGate, the truck will have an added value that can depend on for many more years!

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