Lowe Alpine

Lowe Alpine

Lowe Alpine knows his expeditions are only as good as your stuff. For over 40 years, the company has built a reputation based on comfort, durability and value, allowing you to push your body to its limits without worrying if your team is going to give first.

Colorado climber Greg Lowe established the company in 1967 when he designed a new backpack equipped with an internal frame. Today, Lowe Alpine specialize in all types of art rugged outdoor backpacks drying base layer Quick, born of the hands and thighs fun of crushing outdoor enthusiasts who spend years testing each item.

While many of the achievements of the Company the runners for climbers, skiers and tennis assume, as stabilizers compression belt buckles, plastic and length-adjustable backs are bleeding seamlessly into the mainstream, Lowe Alpine continue to lead the industry through innovation.

The award winning company continues to upgrade equipment basic building Triplepoint exclusive fabrics as ceramic, a waterproof material strikes the water outside the body, the Aleutians, a comfortable fleece Dryflo with outstanding performance and underwear that moves sweat, regardless of conditions.

But not only the materials that make up the team, Lowe Alpine spend as much time perfecting the design of cutting equipment and clothing. Seamless shoulders in the water jackets moved to less vulnerable points to flight, and further articulated elbows include tissues to free movement.

Continuing to improve on their backpacks, each model incorporates large bag telecompression things now standard in the industry, presented by Lowe Alpine in 1980 that lets you get much more than you need in one package. The Torso Fit System uses color coding to set the packages to the most comfortable fit. Large packs also include other vital organs such as bags of tools pre-installed ice and incorporated Mats bivouac design as well as for superior stability.

Lowe Alpine has a team of professional athletes mountain to put each product through evidence of real life in the countryside, so you do not have a. These vigorous tests, carried out in the environment in which they are built to perform in, often lead to improvements of existing lines, innovative redesign or create new and unique products.

After all, equipment and cloth making bodywork but each cave diving, running and mountain climbing steep rocks miles means you do not worry about comfort or your computer will not last, even if your pack is soft.

Walter is currently writing a book about the history of the major outdoor gear brands, such as Lowe Alpine mentioned in this article. He’d love to hear from any brands who want to be featured.

Lowe Alpine Backpack

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