Love Satin

Love Satin

Looking for a fresh and unique inspiration for your wedding? What about planning a wedding based on the song "Alphabet of Love"? If you are unfamiliar with this lovely old song, read on for ideas on how it can be used as a base for a lovely wedding theme.

The "Alphabet Love Song" is not to be confused with the regular alphabet song we all used to learn our ABCs. Version Love passes through the alphabet, with the singer saying something sweet to his beloved in every letter on the road. It begins with "You adorable, B you're so beautiful C you're a girl full of charm." This song is so sweet and beautiful, to become an inspiration for a wedding absolutely darling.

The alphabet "Love Song" goes back to the 1940s, and when you are thinking of ways to incorporate into your wedding, you may wish to consider some of the styles of the time. Choose traditional engraved invitations or reasons typography with a nod to the past. Some great ideas for flowers lily shape, orange blossoms and roses. Keep your system simpler than the current trends may require. A modest bouquet hand-tied with ivory satin ribbons would be ideal.

Certainly, when a song is his inspiration for the style of your wedding, you I want to be the one you play for your first dance. Fortunately, the "Alphabet Love Song" song would be very easy for beginner dancers, even to give once around the dance floor. The lyrics are also perfect for dance focus of the newlyweds. "D you're a charm, and E that is exciting, and F are a feather in my arms. "

You can also use these words as sentimental part of their vows. How about "H you're so heavenly you are the one who is my idol "? Or maybe his feelings for his true love can be expressed with" U made my life complete, V means it is very sweet. " It would be fun to include the lyrics to the entire song "Alphabet of Love" in your wedding programs, perhaps with one of his favorite phrases on the cover of the program, as "J we're like Jack and Jill" or "L is the light of love in your eyes." And do not forget to seal their vows with "K you're so kissable"!

The lyrics are a great alternative to standard table numbers. It is a wonderful way to tie a theme, and makes the reception of his more personal and interesting. Also, would not it be fun to sit at the table "You adorable" as in table 3?

With a sweet and thoughtful item wedding, of course, the bride and the groom will want to get the message to the heart to do something special for each other on the day of the wedding. For the groom, this probably will be a gift of jewelry for the wedding. Could be a piece of wedding jewelry to blend with the rest of your bridal jewelry set, or it could be something like as a silver bracelet engraved with a special feeling. The bride also could surprise her boyfriend with a gift, or maybe she could show her affection for him singing a song you have written (if musically inclined, that is), or otherwise creative and unique.

With its sweet character to the former, the "Alphabet Love Song "would make a delicious inspiration for a wedding. It is a theme that your guests will enjoy, young or old. The song is nostalgic and charming and would be great for anyone who loves vintage, music, or reading.

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