Love Quilted

Love Quilted
Help! I love this blanket / quilt and I am a new collector …….?

How would I do something like this quilt in the photo ….. I will always be grateful if anyone can help me do this for me a wee!!% 20Quilt.jpg

This is the easiest way to quilt in the world to do. First, you need to find the right fabric. Get 100% cotton or cotton flannel 100% if you want a "tender" quilt. The price of cotton ranges from U.S. $ 2 a yard for really cheap things (who does not feel so great) in a maximum of $ 10 per yard for the really nice things. Somewhere in the middle should be fine. Check JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, a quilt shop local, or any of the thousands of online stores quilt. I like Hancocks of Paducah, myself. On the basis of the picture, you only need about 1 / 2 "patio each of the three fabrics, plus 1 to 1 1 / 2 yards of lining fabric, more hitting. This seems a very swollen batting, meaning polyester. I personally prefer a cotton flat, especially for babies due to problems of flammability. Cut the center of the fabric 1 / 2 "larger than the final size. Keep open straight lines and square angles using a rotary cutter, rotary mat and ruler rotary. Cut the border fabric strips 1 / 2 "wider than you want the finish of the border. There are two ways you can mount both pretty easy. Option 1 – Pillowcase method, not binding, then strips padded border first thing the top and bottom of the quilt, and then to the sides. Sew the second border strips to top and bottom, and then to the side. Use a 1 / 4 "seam and try to maintain. Cut the batting and backing the same size as the top end. Place the upper right side of the fabric up. Lay the back on the top right of that down, matching all edges and corners. Place the batting on top of the back. Pin to hold everything in place. In a sewing machine, sewing the edges. Leave a 4 "- 6" open space set aside. Turn right out of the quilt – the batting is now among the top and back, and all edges will be completed, except in the opener. Fold the seam allowance at opening inwards and give a little touch with an iron to the fold. p. Satin closed manually. Soft blanket and gather all the corners until they are square. Thing "in the ditch" through all layers around the borders. In the ditch means to sew the seam. There! Option 2 – Quilt-As-You-Go method, with a link out right Turn the music DOWN. The backrest should be higher than the top – maybe three inches on each side. Place the batting on top of the back, also a little larger than the top. Smooth any wrinkles in the fabric and the lining. Place the fabric on the top center right in the middle of the batting. You can set it if you want, but the fabric should stick pretty well to the batting. Place the first border strip right side DOWN on top of the canvas center. Align the edges. Sew the four layers of 1 / 4 inch from the edge. Turn the fabric and smooth border. Place the next strip at the bottom center of the fabric and stitch through all layers. Lift and remove the excess. Repeat with the two sides. Repeat again with the second border. After all is smooth, sew approximately 1 / 8 "from the outside edge of the border. Trim excess batting and backing. Apply a character mandatory instructions on the last link below. (Bindings have many explanations, but in fact are not hard to do. It is much easier for see photos or illustrations.) Good luck!

Wire Moves – Quilted Hearts

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