Love Cats

Love Cats

The other day the universe led me to an amazing online video. History shows the relationship between some people who rescued a lion from a bad situation, care of him and then Africa is released.

The people who raised this lion developed a special relationship with her, it was considered each other – as evidenced in the video.

The lion is adapted to living in the natural and became the head of his own pride. You have the picture: a lion living in Africa, the head of his pride?

The men who raised the lion lost his friend and traveled to Africa to visit. The reason for this video is on the National Geographic site is when the lion saw the men ran toward them and jumped up and let you know fondly remembered not only who they were, but his love for them.

That I found that the video is not accidental. You see my own cat to die about a month ago. For weeks I gave him all the love I could extra. After doing energy work and talk with many health regained his spirit. And he wanted me to know appreciating what I did for him.

The incident with my cat reflected at the end of the life of my mother – except my cat decided to get well while my mom needs leaving your body. But before leaving he told me that she knew how much I loved her and I took good care of it.

That she was able to communicate with such clarity was a miracle in itself because the mind of my mother had gone 5 years ago. She thought was her mother and she was very much like a toddler at the time of leave.

Except during the time he returned to who he really was so she told me what he had to say and I needed to hear.

That gift let me know that the Spirit is always perfect, regardless of what the body and mind seem to do. So when I saw this video I realized I was my cat sending the same message. My cat is deaf, however, found a way to communicate what a great need to listen and believe what they had to say.

If you only knew how strange it was for me to find that video – I mean that appeared on my screen without me looking for him at all – they really have the importance of this communication.

Our pets are so special to us. I bet they tell us important things all the time but we miss the messages, because we do not look or listen to them.

Being in your world in a whole new way for you to catch the messages your pet can not speak human words.

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The Cure – The Love Cats

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