Logic Lightweight

Logic Lightweight

We write thank you notes to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Romans gave us Roman columns, theaters, and the Senate. Meanwhile, the Greeks gave us logic Boolean (for computers), democracy, and "The Father of Medicine." By taking some basic steps, you can re-create the aura of ancient Greece and Rome through the creation of a Greek or Roman theme bedroom. Here are some steps to help you:

Step 1: Get the right paint
The first step is to choose a color particular, beige color you prefer. You will then need to purchase particular amounts of three shades of brown color, and varnish. All these products are available in your friendly neighborhood hardware store:

– Tone more clear: to paint the entire bedroom
– Medium shade that is 1-2 shades darker:
– Tone dark: fourth
– Enamel – Medium

Step 2: Add the lighter color
After you select and buy your paintings, you're ready to rock and roll! Use the lighter shade of beige to paint the entire room.

Step 3: Add the mid-tone color
Here is the when preparing the medium shade of beige. This will later complement any
metal wall sculptures that are added to the walls. Mixing of beige half-glazed, with 50% of beige and 50% of the enamel. Then use a sponge to dab the second color on the walls. The second color adds depth and texture the first layer. Be sure not to completely cover the first layer. Instead, use asymmetrical patterns to create a layered look.

Step 4: Add the tone darker columns wallpaper
Create veins (lines) on the wall that look like marble lines it contains. Be sure not to use a excess. Two or three veins for each wall is sufficient. Finally, add columns wallpapers fake, after completing the painting of the walls.

Step 5: Install or cover the floor
A wood floor is preferable to create the Greek or Roman theme. However, if it is not possible to install a wood floor, then Use an area rug with a natural fiber (ie, sisal or jute). The carpet will match well with the ground.

Step 6: Select a bed
Also you can use a bed that is naturally a neutral or light color, or paint the same bed. This will also complement your metal wall sculptures. If the room is for a child, consider using a canopy bed with light, white curtains.

Step 7: Select the bedding
The bed should be a neutral color. Consider use of textured fabrics and fine scratches.

Step 8: plaster pillars accessories
Place ivy on them, in addition to the metal sculptures have been hung on the walls.

Step 9: Select the window curtains
Use thin and lightweight window drapes around the windows, and around the room.

Following the above steps, you can create an ancient Greek or Roman theme bedroom. Creating a topic will be Greek to you!

Decorating specialist Alyssa Davis offers many more free and easy decorating ideas at Metal-Wall-Art.com – the place to go for unique tree wall art and abstract metal art.

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