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Lock Travel

Few inventors have made significant contributions to modern industry as Walter Schlage. Still less did so colorful. Walter Schlage name today is synonymous of the Schlage locks, and their experiments changed how you view the home and business security.

Walter Schlage was born in Thuringia, Germany in the early 1800. As a child he spent much of his childhood scampering around the hotel his father owned. Schlage worked some, but probably spent most of his time in the hotel to hear the stories of hotel guests. Schlage Young had a penchant for adventure and thrived on adventure travel hotel guests. The savage in the child at heart, he wanted for the adventures of his own, showed an aptitude at an early age for mechanics. His father recognized his son's drive and ambition and worked hard to save money to send his son to train at the Carl Zeiss Optical Works School. At a time when many people did not finish primary school, Walter Schlage showed signs of maturity and understanding beyond his years, and was admitted to school at the age of 14.

Carl Zeiss preceded Walter Schlage for several decades and was an inventor and engineer first class at the time. The Zeiss company manufactured precision optical instruments, including microscopes, and many optical glass types. Zeiss Training Center taught academics, mechanics and engineering aspirants and disciples as Schlage promising. Walter Schlage graduated at the age of 18 with a special award of merit for his ability as an engineer. Upon completion of his studies, he began working in London, England as a instrument maker. His job did not last. A worker interested enough, Schlage had failed to shake the travel bug that bit of adventure, while worked as a child in his father's hotel.

She quit her job to venture further from his home in Germany, where he made then in known as "The Wizard of Thuringia blockade" for their adaptable to locksmithing. He crossed the ocean to settle in the United States, where he took a position with the Western Electric Company. However, his love for the city to visit him out of his love for the invention of others, and engineering. Soon after, the left Schlage Western Electric to a sea captain and fulfill a lifelong dream to see the world. Finally, Walter Schlage was tired of life at sea and made their way back to the United States. He returned once again to work for Western Electric. He was an employee by day and by night is handled at home workshop settings invent and locks. In fact, the locks became a passion of his life. His first patent was very ahead of his time and regarded as a novelty, but a marvel of engineering, nevertheless.

He created a lock on the door that could turn the light on and off. His first patent in 1909, inspired by an entrepreneurial vein, and Walter Schlage Western Electric left forever in 1920 to start his own company. Thus was born the Schlage Lock company. It was like his own team that developed the first cylinder lock the world, with a button in the center. His invention revolutionized the security industry and became the standard blocking other companies we wanted. Although other manufacturers have gone to copy its design, Schlage locks are still the leading brand when it comes to the door locks. Schlage Walter died in 1946, six years after winning the "Modern Pioneer Award. This honor is awarded annually to U.S. inventors who have made significant contributions to modern technology or society. Thanks to a partnership firm in 1927 with business-savvy Charles Kendrick, Schlage Lock Company has grown and flourished for over sixty years. Large companies and several important contracts in the first years of the company of Schlage Lock Schlage brand catapulted to prominence public. The company continues today as the most relied for home and commercial security. This has become legendary mount and homage to "The Thuringia Lockdown Wizard, "which became an assistant U.S. blockade in its own right.

Jenny Schweyer is a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. She has written extensively on business and related themes.



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