Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne

Companies invest millions of dollars to create, design, develop, develop, promote and extend their brands. Think Nike, Virgin, Versace, Raffles, Amazonas.

All your investment offers customers to your door (or website) with expectations that match its promise of promotion. But when the customer is facing the company "-to-face ', everything depends upon the critical moment.

A friend recently moved to Singapore and Australia went shopping for a appropriate clothing. I saw several hours in the orgy of spending and heard her say 'I love Liz Claiborne, but E – T (a competing brand) can take his clothes and threw it. (Australians can be oh so delicate in her speech.) She continued: 'I never go in one of their stores again. "

Wow! That is something strong. It is a sales lady in 'E' can not be bothered to say hello or help my friend with questions. He was too busy with a personal call on your phone mobile. And when she hung up, talked about his colleague's call (to distract the colleague of another client) rather than answer questions from my friend.

Until this day, the mark 'E' of the clothing is like an enemy in the mall, a regular reminder to my friend "who cares?" attitude, bad manners and disrespect.

I wonder what the designers, marketing staff, office logistics, production operators, and the backroom staff store could think of that person in the front lines that did not bother to give good service? If you could meet him face to face, what is said about its performance? If you were the head of the lady, what would you say?

Terrence Nielsen, manager of the IKEA store in Singapore, knows exactly what he said. He tells their staff every day, 'If you do not feel like coming to work … no! The last thing we need is for someone at work, reducing the mood for our customers and everyone else. If you do not feel good about yourself and your work, stay home! "

The key learning point

A Grump can ruin a brand. Do not let that bad mood person to be you! The reputation of your company as a whole, the livelihoods of his colleagues and the success of your business and your brand depends on you.

Action Steps

Check your mood and attitude every day when you go to work. Check again for morning, after lunch and afternoon. If you're not looking, feeling and sounding 100% like someone like him to answer, go to the bathroom again, returning to eat, sleep again. Do not go to work and ruin all other days.

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