Little Notebook

Little Notebook
Do you get a little envious when you see the movie "The Notebook"?

lol. I know .. its pretty lame huh. I love this movie to death, but it seems every time I see that I'm getting a little jealous. I mean why not be like men now a days? I havent seen the movie and about a year. I use to watch all the time, but stopped because I was a little annoyed.

If we all want romance and fairy tale, think it's going in love with young age (the guy is so beautiful, romantic, and have like no yo), we will lose our virginity to the person you love, then we will be separated for a while, then meet and spend the rest of our lives together. But not really work that way. Boys that age are often immature and just want to go in a girl's pants, which really does not care about her. Maybe when we're older we can find a guy who was really nice (probably not) and perhaps only marry them, no story, nothing, and are likely to divorce anyway. So yes I agree with you I'm jealous. Not just for the laptop, but other films. As Titanic and Romeo + Juliet (mainly because another girl is playing with Leo <3) but is basically the same thing. Films have given me the unrealistic expectations when it comes to love, and should stop doing them.

Bach – Minuet in G from “Little Notebook For Anna Magdalena”

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