Lightweight Spinner

Lightweight Spinner
What are the best methods (types of lures and forms the platform of the line) to fish for trout stored in ponds and lakes?

I trying to fish for trout in stocked ponds and small lakes in Massachusetts this spring. I have been told to use a light bar and 4 pounds test line with lures small or hooks. I want to know specific details about how the platform to my line with a specific type of bait and what type of presentation must be objective. What kind of weight, if any, where and how to connect to the line speed should be retrieved in a spinner, etc. ..? I as many approaches, so please provide as many specific ideas that can come up with.

I fished a lot in ponds in Rhode Island and this is the best method I have found to fish for stocked trout. Use a bar of light action with 6 pound test. Run the line through a 1 / 4 oz lead egg and tie a treble hook # 10 to the end of the line. Place a split shot about 8-12 "on the hook. Power Pack bait around the hook and roll into a ball. Use just enough to completely cover the hook. Take a medium sized round float and press the button at the top so that the wire hook at the bottom is expelled, then turn the bottom hook 180 degrees. When you release the button on the cable fund is held outside of the line where you can slide freely through. Cast bait and when it reaches the bottom set your rod in a rod holder or put it in a forked stick pushed into the ground. The cork hanging upside down in the line between the eye 3 and 4 (counting from the tip) of the bar. Leave enough slack so that the cork foot hangs over the bar. When a trout takes the bait the cork will move up to the rod as the fish takes over the line. You can pick up the rod and the hook when the line tightens, then take a second to take the cork off the ground and fish. We usually called the limit of trout stored using this method. Power bait colors that worked best for us were pink or pale green.

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