Lightweight Luggage

Lightweight Luggage

Many people feel especially concerned about their personal safety when planning a trip abroad. How to stay safe in an area where they do not speak the local language or understand local customs? How can you ensure that it does not take advantage of travel time? Many travelers believe that pepper spray an effective option for personal protection while away from home.

While this is a very popular method of self defense here in the United States, you may worry that you will be detained by airport security if you try to take your car defense spray with you on the plane. Despite their fears are no doubt rightly, as restrictions imposed flight restrictions on what can bring on the plane with you, with proper planning you should be able to take their aerosol for most destinations.

In most areas of the United States, pepper spray is legal to carry and use for personal protection. However, the transport than across state lines may be a little difficult if you are traveling by plane. This can be even harder if you plan to travel abroad with its self-defense spray, although it is certainly not impossible.

The first step is to determine local laws regarding self-defense spray at your destination. There may be limitations specific implementation of it in certain states or cities, or even certain types of places. If they can not legally carry the spray at your destination, do not bother compression. It is also important to ensure that the plan to bring container that meets all local requirements. Some areas restrict the size of the can or ingredients.

When traveling by air, there are restrictions on traveling with disabling chemicals or devices. There are rules stating that the Pepper spray can not carry on their person or in their hand luggage while the plane. However, their checked baggage containers can include up to four ounces in size. Most pepper spray canisters designed to be carried on a keychain or in a pocket or purse come under this limit, so this should not be a trouble. However, as large containers such as those designed for home use tend to be too large to legally pack in your suitcase.

When traveling with spray pepper cans even below the limit of 4 oz, be sure to tell the airline that has the package when you check in your baggage at the counter baggage. They are required by law to inspect the canister to ensure that there is a locking device. Otherwise, the pepper spray can accidentally meet at the same time in your suitcase on the plane. Be sure to keep the bottle of pepper spray in a convenient place before checking your luggage so you do not have to dig through his bag on the counter.

Do not try to hide a can of pepper spray in your purse or pocket. Even if it is small enough to do so, remember that you must pass through a metal detector before boarding the plane. Always alert the airline if you have packed pepper spray in your bag. If you try to get through security with pepper spray in their luggage, which probably will be confiscated.

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