Lightweight Carry

Lightweight Carry

The decade is finally here, and although in early 2010 means the end of the holiday 2009 season, does not mean that you can start planning your next vacation. To help launch the lack of air travel in the new year, several companies are offering some great deals at national and even international flights for the first half of 2010. Here are some offers of aircraft that can wait.


JetBlue is definitely ahead in terms of deals from airlines, offering one way fares as low as $ 39 a cross-country and Caribbean destinations. You can find flights New York to any major city in California for $ 99 or less. Travel U.S. for the Caribbean can be booked for less than $ 100, depending on where they fly way. Offers are good for flights through March 24.


Do not be left behind JetBlue, AirTran also announced offers its own New Year. Prices of almost match the prices of JetBlue. The flights from coast to coast are in the range of $ 100 $ 90 -. A flight from New York to Cancun can be as low as $ 92. However, unlike JetBlue, AirTran apply to special flights through May 26.

Virgin America

Virgin America is starting their New Year with some great travel deals inside! Unfortunately, only if you're flying off the west coast you can take advantage of them. One of the flights to and from major cities on the West Coast starting at $ 39, and can fly to the East Coast for as low as $ 99.

European airlines

If you're planning a vacation in 2010, you probably still on the hunt for tickets Cheap flight across the Atlantic, and it is likely that the price is not going to be nothing less than usual. However, once you're there, flying his way around Europe could be cheaper and more convenient than taking the popular Eurail pass. All you have to do is book the flights through low-cost airlines Europe. Now there are some low cost airlines flying from Europe the U.S. or Canada. These include Aer Lingus (Ireland), Eurofly (Italy). Airlines that can help you get around Europe for cheap once you're there include Air Berlin (Germany), Blu-Express (Italy), easyJet (England), Jetairfly (Belgium), and (France, Netherlands).

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