Length Garment

Length Garment
How to Travel with a formal dress for an airline?

I'm goin to this ball out of state and military to fly on Thursday and I have this dress to the floor that I have what I need help understanding how to get there. I thought I was going to use a bag of clothes, but my friends are saying it is not a good way. I'm terrified of it getting wrinkled. I was told to carry on garment bag as my carry out, but I thought the conduct could only be so big. Help I'm so lost in this.

You can bring your dress on the plane as hand luggage. You should put the plastic clothing, such as cleaning, then put in the bag of clothes that will help with wrinkling.I have been on flights where there's been a whole wedding party is going to an island for a destination wedding and the bride and some of the others brought their clothes on board.

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