Leather Trolley

Leather Trolley
I have to pay extra if I bring my favorite 40x32x14cm bag with my hand-carry bag car?

My parents discouraged me to bring me my favorite black leather handbag, along with my regular shopping bag handcarry. The reason I like to carry along my walks because they fit more importantly, important documents, the size 14 x 8 cm legal paper and a lot of things. However, this is the first time I'm taking an international flight and do not need the extra rush charge me extra if extra.

You need to check with your airline. In general, hand luggage is allowed, but some airlines allow two. If the flight is full, you can check one at the door. The bag looks like it could be too large, too. I would call the airline and check with them.

Daisy-Butler Trolley, The Shopper

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