Leather Leather

Leather Leather
How to Care for leather?

UGG leather shoes and I do not know what to use for skin care. UGG do not make a leather cleaner, only one Sheepskin / Suede Care Kit. I asked customer service, but they said use of skins / nubuck leather clean. Well, these are my items leather top and do not know what to do to keep them like new. What can I buy and how do I take care of them?

Shaving Cream. Sounds a bit odd, but it works. Shaving Cream is nothing more than skin-mounted soap. Leather is skin. It also usually contains humectants, which help keep your skin from cracking. Rub shaving cream on the leather. Wipe with a damp cloth and it's done. The skin is very clean and fresh smell. No matter what brand of shaving cream you use, always which is the white shaving cream. (I would not use a shaving cream with menthol, either. Too strong.) Shaving cream to remove dirt and odors from the skin. It works like magic.

Hermann Oak Leather Tannery Tour Video – A Weaver Leather Leather Production HD

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