Leather Hanging

Leather Hanging

India, the land of diverse cultures, customs and different languages and customs, and various arts and crafts, yet united by a single, rich culture, his art and craft, known in the world since ages. Patchwork, a brother's rich craft and art of the Indian subcontinent.

Also known as arming, mosaic involves joining pieces of fabric into a larger design. Patches of different shapes and colors lead to the development of a larger design, usually is based on patterns of repetition. Patchwork, a leading construction techniques of quilting, is often combined with applets. Basic geometric shapes commonly used in the manufacture of most review articles of jobs that need to be incorporated precisely who is without wrinkle.

Review of work in India is mainly associated with the western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, Orissa, Punjab and although he practiced this art. Various colors and patterned fabrics of different shapes and sizes are together on a plain background. An important feature that characterizes patchwork India is that the points of the patches do not hidden but they are done with jazz nuances that get stressed, adding a more artistic appeal.

Making his way to India from Europe and Arabia, in a mosaic craft very important in the country now, the creation of a single drama using color. Gujarati patchwork items are the best known. Very ornate motifs, the magic spell of work items in the patch is contors of each individual. Obvious reasons of trees, birds and animals in colors can be seen striking at each point of patches – as patches sewn to the cotton fabric.

Expressing the harsh reality of the monotony surrounding deserts tile elements of the western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan show imagination and innovation of the craftsmen. Bold and beautiful, created with the heat and art the patch work remains integral art of the western states.

Of quilts and quilt tapestries, runners and cushion covers, the range of articles is a great quilt. When used in making a quilt, the color composite mosaic becomes the top of the covers of three layers, the middle layer is the batting and bottom layer of the back. The quilts are tinged with warmth and color, an attractive art dotted all over. A patchwork quilt is a break from the conventional sober.

Patch work quilts and quilts are a modern way to give a traditional touch. A celebration with a quilt karwachauth patchwork is more celebratory. A patchwork quilt festival would do more celebratory, more colorful.

A new trend is set to use patch in decorative items. Patches Tapestries are a traditional way to add color to each room. Mounted on a plain background seriously, a patchwork carpet looks great and fashionable.

Take a break sober leather, black and brown patchwork cushion covers use an easy way to earn compliments, and approvals for its perspective design.


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