Leather Gym

Leather Gym
Healthly Is this for me?

I'm 17 years old, 200 pounds, male. Before: Breakfast: soy milk + 1-2 handful of peanuts lunch: Patty anything or chicken dinner at the school: a few sticks going to fix my eating habits of their going to look like this meal 1 = soy milk + 36 Percentage of reinforcement energy (carbohydrates) flour 2 = 3 = food thinking thinking thinking meal 4 = 5 = thinking food meal 6 = think of it My physical activities like this: passing period (not much) a walk to the YMCA (1 block) walk to school, my brother (3-4blocks) walk to the gym (3-4 blocks) stretches for about 10 minutes running treadmill at 6 mph (30 minutes, 2.95 miles, while wearing a nylon or leather poncho looks for extra sweat) walk back home (3-4 blocks) to walk the dog (1 1 / 2 – 2blocks) Other: I use stairs to get to the gym, home, and other classes that have been going at a high protein diet lately, but will change to diet low carb.

You have to eat a lot of food in order to speed up your metabolism so that when you work you are actually burning fat and turn it into muscle.


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