Leather Double

Leather Double
Need help renewing leather ASAP?

I took out my old leather coat. Its been in storage for a while, and even before then state was used (hand-me-down). The coat is double breasted, 3 / 4 length black leather and the only problems are that the skin is tough and feels hard, and there are 5 missing buttons and small pea-sized holes in the skin where the buttons used to be. I need some information on how to repair the coat and put under the best conditions possible for as little money as possible and I need the jacket to be ready to use for Saturday morning. Please, if you have no useful information then do not respond, and in advance thanks to all contributors of information.

Mink Oil Conditioner is the best to the old leather. I have a fur coat that goes back to 1977. I'd use Tandy, as another poster suggests, for repairs. Good Luck.

Stone Mountain Leather Double Handle Shoulder Bag

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