Leather Clutch

Leather Clutch
Help I use a leather cleaner leather clutch Juicy?

If I use it going to ruin my clutch? I do not know how to clean and also has a strap of gold chain, how do I clean that too? Thank you.

Leather Cleaner Leather + = clean skin. If it is to you too you can use shoe polish on it. This will help protect that although the purses do not need much protection because it is not an element of weather, but makes the skin nice and bright future, not as bright as the patent though. If it does, Polish, very little use as it tends to leave a residue if applied too. As the chain … if it is real metal and not plastic with a gold foil that can use some alcohol to clean it. This will not ruin the gold. Put it in a tissue, not disintegrate, or a paper towel and rub gently. Use a Q-tip to get between the links.

Chi by Falchi Italian Patent Leather Clutch Handbag

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