Leather Attache

Leather Attache
You can find a briefcase full of money.?

Imagine you are in central London or any major city in the UK you a taxi. As you settle into the back of the taxi is a sleek leather briefcase on the floor. Surreptitiously, so the driver can not see, opens the case and found £ 50,000 in small notes used. What you see in the case, it is clear that this is drug money. Question: What would you do? Keep the money? After all you are only depriving some garbage Crim. their loot. Give the money to the authorities? They are very unlikly to find and arrest the owner, and he's so unlikly to report the loss. So what ypu do?

I would take the case to the police and tell them "I found this empty suitcase! "

SUSAN MICHELLE’S COMPASS:Damiro–inventive leather briefcase

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