Leather Accessories

Leather Accessories

De Prada, an Italian fashion house that provides fashionable clothing for the international fashion market, is the famous and the fame of the fashion apparel brand accepted all over the world. Initially known as "Brothers in Italy Prada, Prada was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan and later was absorbed by his granddaughter Miuccia in 1978.

Originally designed Prada mainly a variety of bags, trunks, suitcases and shoes sold over two well known shops in Milan alone, but more afternoon shoppers in Europe and America increased popularity of Prada. However, like any other business, Prada also had some problems, such as cases that were designed by Prada were made of walrus skin and is not intended to travel, and therefore these difficulties, Prada changed the manufacture of handbags and fashion Last test other leather accessories of water that became very popular in no time.

In 1978, when he took over Muiccia Prada Mario Prada, her grandfather, still designed, manufactured and supplied leather handbags and leather accessories for the international market soon after Prada, facing a huge financial crisis. Furthermore, to add to the losses of Prada faced stiff competition from the worlds of fashion industry important in the market, Gucci. At this point in time Muiccia took an important turn and began to manufacture men and women designer clothes which were a great success for the Casa de la Prada. This decision has brought Prada to a position where everyone in the fashion world recognizes and appreciates its Prada clothing quality and new designs. Muiccia has created a story in the world of the fashion industry because of its ability to innovation and talent. She never ignored the fabric used in apparel from Prada is an important contribution to its immense success.

Prada fashion clothing became a well-known and most loved brand in the international fashion market, where it ignores the hard work and sincere dedication Muiccia cannot. Designer clothing the woman revealed her talent honest design that became the most desired brand among women in the world of fashion. He soon launched the men's wear fashion, which was another great success coming her way. With these conquests, and sincere commitment to design clothes for men and women, Prada has succeeded in made a remarkable position and has gained popularity in the fashion world.

The most popular Hollywood stars Salma Hayek and Maggie Gyllenhall Prada has chosen as his clothing brand. Very well known for its simplicity and convenience, Prada has gained popularity worldwide. Not only fashionable clothing in 2006, Prada has become famous for its perfumes and fragrances, as Amber Pour Homme Cologne with some perfumes for women were also a major success for Prada in this niche as well.

With over 250 stores worldwide, Prada dress has also offered franchised outlets and duty free shops around the world for its local retail behavior. The more stores famous and very popular Prada are in the world of the famous cities like New York, Tokyo, Beverly Hills and of course, Milan too!. Prada is fashion clothing without certainly a very popular fashion brand worldwide.

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