Large Duffle

Large Duffle

If you're a fan of Japanese anime then you've probably heard of Tokidoki bags. The bags are one of several products built around the popular anime characters of Tokidoki. The bags are available in a wide variety of styles for the price of handbags vary depending on the style of the bag. The bags also have been issued several times during a period of several years. The time of issuance of a stock also affects the price of it.

The larger bags Tokidoki such as Backpack Esplorade be at the top of the price range because they have more features to offer then a simple clutch bag. The sale of about Esplorade $ 140 online. In comparison, MATRICOLA laptop bag sells for about $ 105. Tokidoki The backpack has a greater capacity, 18 inches wide by 10 inches high and 11 inches deep, which Tokidoki laptop bag that is 15 inches wide, 11 inches tall and only 2 inches deep. There are also bags of Tokidoki messenger in a variety of styles ranging in price too. The great designer Laura Messenger Bag retails for about $ 178 but not as extensive as backpack.

There are also several small bags Tokidoki styles available at lower prices. Nobile The bag retails for around $ 80 while the bags style as the elegant convertible and the Center sell portfolio for $ 168 and $ 138 respectively. Bacio mini bag that measures 8 inches wide by 4 ½ inches high by 2 inches and three quarters deep retails for $ 102. Poco Poco Tokidoki The compact cell phone case and wallet Compagno retail for around $ 58 online. Prices of these items are all of the current product line Tokidoki bags. Tokidoki bags issued in previous years as the 2006 is not usually done by retailers, but sometimes can be found on auction sites. The prices of these bags may vary from previously released $ 200 depending on how unique and disposition is.

In addition to all the Tokidoki bags, you can also purchase items such as vinyl figures Tokidoki, Tokidoki T-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, sets of stationery, lighters, notebooks, etc. The prices of these products vary by product. Obviously, a Tokidoki watch is more expensive than a notebook Tokidoki. The Tokidoki product prices also vary according to the place of purchase. You can find their goods to high-end retailers such as Macys, but also can be found in some of the online discount retailers, such as suitcases, bags and purses. The price difference can be important as the mini bag Bacio which sells for $ 102 at Macys, but is available for $ 84.99 in luggage, handbags and purses.

When purchasing merchandise is Tokidoki authentic best to stick with reputable retailers to ensure that you are getting quality merchandise. Be careful with the purchase of an auction site as always potential for fraudulent items for sale.

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