Large Backpack

Large Backpack
Does the JR Ueno station have lockers for backpackers (large backpack backpackers ..)?

I'm going to Japan with a friend in June, beginning and ending in Tokyo. On the last night that will most likely stay in a manga kissa (Manga Cafe) in Akihabara and Ueno on the last night, because we have an early flight Narita in the morning, so does anyone know if we can keep luggage in the Ueno station, while waiting, or even have suggestions of others?

If you have to catch an early flight to Narita before 10 am, you better stay around near Narita, as it takes over 60 to 90 minutes from Ueno to Narita and need to check-in at the airport counter before at least 2 hours of flight time out there. Keisei Skyliner Express begins its first servise from Keisei Ueno 6:30 Narita Airport 7:29 am, which is quite some way too late or dangerous to check on some of the principles of filights but the first train from Keisei Ueno. If you try to JR, the time and distandce are much more critical. If you prefer JR Keisei must come to JR Tokyo before 6:15 am to catch no.1 Narita Express from 6:30 am departures from the deep bottom shelf not far from the surface platforms for other trains you can take the JR Ueno. You must stop JR Ueno before 6:00 am. No.1 The Narita Express arrives at Narita airport of 7:29 as well. This is the first train to Narita Airport in Tokyo or Ueno or Akihabara, so you can see many of the major currencies in Keisei station lockers Ueno and Ueno JR station very often. But those are sold well in the travel season. Would have to fall in some manga kissa near the station, along with their trunks. Cuesta free anyhow.

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