Laptop Tote

Laptop Tote

There are three refurbished laptop battery types, the name of each of its component materials:

Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries are almost never seen anymore. They have dismally low capacities (2000-3000 mAh) and contain heavy metals that harm the environment. Worst of all is the dreaded "effect memory ". When charging a NiCd battery before it is completely drained, compromised the longevity of the battery. That is the memory effect.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries have twice the capacity of NiCad batteries (4000-6000 mAh) and are half as susceptible to memory effect. But then again are becoming increasingly rare.

Lithium Ion (Li-ion) are now standard notebook battery. They have all the capacity of a battery of NiMH, but it affects the memory to zero and zero toxins. Bonus: the Li-Ion batteries weigh half as much as NiMH batteries.

With the purchase of a battery, the consumer has three options: used, refurbished or new.

Spent portable batteries that are not renewed will probably last only 30 minutes to an hour before need recharging.

Refurbished laptop batteries are available from most manufacturers and retailers of refurbished laptops. These batteries are renewed, recharged, and tested. They are much better than just old used batteries, but not as good as new.

Laptop Batteries Recently spent a good couple of years – 600-800 recharges – as long as they are properly cared for.

Extending Battery power

It is always using your laptop near a power source, use the adapter C. However, sometimes forced to use your laptop without access to a wall outlet, and the battery will run low. Here are three things you can do to extend battery power remaining:

First, if your laptop processor features a power saving mode, switch to energy saving mode. This will slow the laptop up to 50%, doubling the life battery for that time period.

Second, turn off power suction foreign elements. The major power vampires in your laptop are the hard drive, the CD and DVD, network devices, and any display settings too bright.

Third, you can double the overall battery capacity by installing a second battery. Your laptop must have a universal bay in order to do this. All you have to do is remove CD-ROM or floppy drive and put the battery in place.

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