Laptop Case

Laptop Case
Looking for a carrying case can have two laptops?

Due to the company and clients have two portable REQUIREMENTS. They work on different networks and have to be configured differently. I need two of them when I work from home or traveling and carrying two suitcases and having to verify that you are not working very will. I need a case that both systems and will be taken as a carry-on item. The only other factor is that they should be able to maintain the power supply, two network cables and a small mouse in the bag. Several of the subjects the color, and any other factors that do not care.

I have a laptop case that I found in the trash that I use for work. It can hold 2 laptops. So, I at least know it exists. (But, it's big and heavy.)

How to Fuse Plastic Bags into a Laptop Case – Threadbange…

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