Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
How much money do I need for a 3-day trip to Lake Tahoe?

My friends and I rented a cabin at Lake Tahoe, we are spending 3 nights there, 20-23. I wondered how much money I need, only buy the necessities like food, maybe even snowboarding for 3 days? I'm pretty broke, so I have to maintain this minimum.

Lake Tahoe is not exactly known for inexpensive. Food shops in the Tahoe area grocery costs about the same as elsewhere, perhaps up to 20% more if you go to a convenience market. There are, of course, several restaurants of Nice, which cost about the like a good restaurant anywhere else. To conserve dollars, bring food from home, plan some menus, and make a trip to the grocery store after arrival. Then do your own cooking. For tickets, which do not really need to sell off as it is one of the smallest of the concerns of Wizards turn. But perhaps one of these sites have something that would be willing to use: * * http://www. / specials / * * Please note that some of these have to buy * before * They arrive at Tahoe. While a typical day pass is about $ 70, note that many offer substantial discounts for buying more than one day at a time. For example, Sierra-at-Tahoe is $ 45/day with three-day pass, better off just $ 72.

Tahoe By Air – Flying Lake Tahoe

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