Label Luxurious

Label Luxurious
Do you think we have idolized celebrities too, today?

I wonder, have we crossed the line on celebrity worship and idolatry? It is mandatory to know about what is happening in the life of a celebrity to live? Why do we have to live like a celebrity just to feel good about same? Do we have to use products that celebrities have used so you can live a life of luxury 'call'? We are stupid to be so obsessed with celebrities who just buy every product label or print or the celebrity element in it? or what do you think? Where do you draw the line idolize celebrities? I appreciate the views of all. 🙂 By the way, this is only in general .. I'm not saying that ALL .. While it may sound like me .. Honestly, I'm saying in general.

Finally someone is asking a question that definitely deserves a HAV star.WE people of all evil in life seems to idolize celebrities more m our religion.I 'very guilty of that. I, for example, have always idolized MJ because of how caring and giving was, but somehow neglected a little god and I feel bad for that.I do not give up my MJ but I'm going back to church a little more opened often.Your question eyes.Thank YOU!

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