Label Alexander

Label Alexander
Has anyone heard of?

Has anyone heard of a singer named Alexander in June? I recently purchased a single 7 "above the singer is called A team of Sally Sue Brown, face B is the girl who radiates the charm of the label Judd. Cat # 1020. I've tried several sites but can not find no information on it, (Registration only cost 50p so no matter if it's a Duff one) Thanks.

Incredibly, June Alexander was the name by Arthur Alexander recorded his first single for the label Judd, and it was Sally Sue Brown. Apparently, his friends called him in June, but I have no idea why!?!? That was in 1961 and went on to write and record songs that were covered by many famous artists like Burning Love (Elvis), You Better Move On (The Rolling Stones) and Anna (The Beatles). Sally Sue Brown was covered by Bob Dylan. One of my faves is every day I Cry, which was a massive U.S. success for him, and covered a lot of people at that time. Unfortunately, he died in 1993. Enjoy the track – Do you have a rarity there!

Alexander Keith’s – Label Peeler

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