Kiva Performance

Kiva Performance
Where can I find sheet music or recorded accompaniment for "Lara Fabian's Pas Sans Toi?"?

My school is doing a multi-cultural benefit concert for charity program Kiva, a micro-loan orginization that allows individuals to lend to small buisnesses needing funding. Recently I sang a song called "Pas Sans Toi" by French artist Lara Fabian, but I've since been unable to find the score or instumental accompaniment for this song. I have searched every imaginable music website and it is nowhere to be found. The concert is going to help benefit so many people around the world achieve their dreams of small business, and I would love to participate, what can I do if I only accompanying my performance. However, I only have until the week of April 24 to get either the sheet music or recorded accompaniment. Help? Please do not suggest or Both sites have failed me.

Enter in and download the MP3. Good luck!

Destiny’s play from Kamen Rider Kiva on piano

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