Kids Luggage

Kids Luggage
Family with 2 children and luggage – take bus, subway or train from Heathrow to Marble Arch area of London?

We'd love to keep costs down – But perhaps too rigorous or tube is difficult to have to change lines to reach the arch marble subway with 2 children (5 and 8 – of their own material small suitcases) and luggage – if you arrive in a Sunday morning. I think we could do Victorian coach to the station and take a taxi to our place near Marble Arch – and / or the Heathrow Express to Paddington and then taxi? though the Heathrow Express is 44 pounds per family in one way and the coach seems to express that is 24 pounds for the family. with any that he had killed a taxi (either from Victoria to Paddington or Marble Arch area). Ideas and thoughts appreciated. All excellent responses. Thanks Virginia, USA!

I personally have made the tube with the young (admittedly a bit more) and a lot of baggage. Tube would be cheaper — I think young people might even be free. If you have enough time, you could ask Oyster cards for them. They are certainly free on buses. Get Card Oyster for adults – they are so easy and cheaper in the long term. Changes in the subway are not too bad to their children if they can in the escalator standing with their suitcases, in which case the changes are not too bad and it only bothered to step inside and outside the station at each end. Once thro the barriers, which tends to be the escalators. Depending on what time you arrive in London on Sunday morning is not too bad either Marble Arch. Most people do not seem to hit Oxford St and that area until about lunchtime. Have a good time (her children might be interested by the crowds gathered at the top of Hyde Park near the arc Sunday at Speakers Corner. Could children were fascinated by the multitude of debate with the speakers and some of the things said by these people was on the stairs (boxes Soap must be outside!)). I hope that helps. Good luck.

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