Journal Notebook

Journal Notebook
Notebook / SCRAPBOOK / MAGAZINE ideas ??!!?

I'm making a scrapbook / / magazine scrapbook for my best friend, Autti. Any ideas that make it more fun? challenging … sayings … verses … etc (I want you to have verses and stuff, any idea?) * this is for a teenager. THANKZ =)

I have tons of scrapbooks .. It's a very fun and creative past-time and can go on forever .. heres some of my ideas I have in mine; photographs of the two together or separated; .. alternate between black and white and color magazine clippings, photos of your favorite products or celebrities or whatever you want, titled magazine pages with letters, a specific topic of each page. ie. "The Beach", "school", "mall photos" family "be creative – To heel of the film, bracelets, stamps, notes, etc., write in your favorite letters-looking words or sayings on the internet .. or even inside jokes are funny because preserving the memories – "has grown isn't half as fun as growth, these are the best years of our life" – The Ataris (my yearbook quote graduating highschool) petals of flowers (if you're into girly stuff like that) etc etc etc. .. you have creative things that can go in a scrapbook are awesome .. loaded with the images and do not be afraid to cut them and place them in different ways .. squares are boring!

Moleskine Paula Scher notebook @ Detour exhibition

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