Jane Marvel

Jane Marvel
Amazing Spiderman 545 thoughts?

I hated this subject! Marvel Comics, and was finally destroyed one of the best things in comics. Marriage between / Spiderman Peter Parker and Mary Jane no more. It is so rare in comics now to see two characters in love and marriage for a long time indeed. Why this was a problem for this series of cartoons that have no idea. I'm to the point that I will not buy Spiderman comics for the current time. Just wondering what other thoughts were in this crappy big development in the world of Spiderman.

I'm still hanging in the title and see what happens.The plot line might be interesting, Peter has made a deal with the devil, Mephisto lives this will not last forever his word, or try to alter the deal.Peter finally looking Mary Jane. Something will happen to continue the story line so they can be reunited.GIVE Spidey some trouble seeing what develops sometimes a title can have several months with a history of shit and then things improve. Marvel cannot always have good stories all the time without a good

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