Insulated Velcro

Insulated Velcro
Questions Costume Making – Dyed Visor and padding?

Hey, I've been doing a pepakua, resin, fiberglass armor for Master Chief Halo 3 team for Halloween. The resin, fiberglass, making the figures, and painting are the easy parts … but … now here's the problem. They do snug fit little and tend to fall. I considered the velcro, but that does not solve the problem for MC inside the hull .. What can I buy CHEAP filler to insulate inside the hull and armor or another. For the visor, I need a GOLD TINTED viewer. But everywhere I see are like $ 40, wtf .. Anywhere I can buy a cheap visor fit? do not even have to be of color that paint can be bought … HELP ME

Try wearing head covering material for cars, its about $ 9 a patio, you can get that from any Hobby Lobby or Hancock's fabric, so the traffic light, try flea markets and buy a used helmet paint ball, I hope this helps. the coating material of the head is approximately 1 / 8 thick with foam backing

The North Face: Men’s Summit Jacket

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