Inspired Luggage

Inspired Luggage
Tag line for an exotic and elegant jewelry business handmade?

I make solid silver and gold jewelry with high quality semi-precious stones. The look will be inspired by exotic and ancient motifs, but also the elegant and modern. I was thinking about using "facts on hand for the adventurous" To my motto. I aimed at women, age 20-40, value of jewelry wearing is distinctive, it makes sense, and yet it is elegant and classy in appearance. Do you think my motto works, or you think it would alienate a part of my target group with the word 'adventure'? My jewelry can be worn with suits, jeans, or with the little black dress, so it's really versatile. I was thinking about that also includes a luggage tag as a freebie with each order to strengthen the idea of "adventure". What do you think?

It grabs me and I think I'm right in the middle of your target audience. The word adventure feels too vague … Makes me think of any of the Sherpas and safari or extremely alternative design.

SUSAN MICHELLE’S COMPASS: Chaps brand luggage from Badanco

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