Indicator Travel

Indicator Travel

Universal Travel Adapter allows you to load up their march. Different countries use different types of converters. But universals are made in such a way that people can used anywhere, despite the country are heading for (100V-250V-50/60Hz). This is probably the reason why the Universal Travel Adapter are so popular. This Article submitted two universal adapter types and their features. In the area of the stores that sell good, people will find various types of universal adapters. Some new products among which include "Universal Travel Adapter with USB port" and "Universal AC Travel Adapter.

"Universal Travel Adapter with USB port "

Predominantly used by the world Trotters, this product is known for lighting electronics connectors USB. No need to bring along heavy accessories, just plug the USB port of your PC!

Another highlight of the product is its price. Either can buy and you can enjoy seamless travel. Since this adapter is made using the latest technology, which offers all the features that a user can demand for giving from its electronic equipment. The design of this Universal AC Travel Adapter is also quite fascinating. Some characteristics most striking of this universal travel adapter includes: 1 USB port, laptops, LED, compact and lightweight, and weight around 85g.

"Universal Travel AC Adapter "

Compared to the first, this product is a bit bulky. People who travel a lot love to use it, and that connects different types of plugs on one side, and then turning the selector knob, a wide variety of plug sheets have appeared from the other side. The size of this adapter Universal is small enough to be installed in your suitcase full of people. The price of this product is also reasonable at around $ 17.

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