Imports Tack

Imports Tack

I just see gas stations with fuel outdoors and the U.S.. Yes, there are my station of choice comes to mind, not "Nickle and Dime "their clients. The Federal Government Barack Obama and the need for the volumes of the manual pages of any small business. Review of some of the headlines this summer, some more noticeable then others

Truck Economy News

The government itself Barack Obama signed on federal program last month that consumers are in U.S. receives as much as $ 4500 (USD) towards a new car when you trade in a old car with a car that poor gas mileage. This translates into making and crushing old cars (trucks) and future classic cars for the sake of saving planet.

In addition to this reduction in size of the market for antique cars, reducing the size of the truck parts aftermarket, accessories market, and uses your tax money to pay for your neighbors new car?

But wait there's more!

The Obama administration has also slammed through an increase in CAFE standards on all cars and light trucks. Does it make sense to spend thousands of billion dollars to bail out GM and Chrysler, which is going bankrupt, (saying goodbye to his billions) Then add a piece of stupid legislation which makes it harder and more expensive for U.S. manufacturers to produce a truck that can be competitive. Besides that U.S. manufacturers have a time more difficult

1. Compete with imports, and the union not the U.S. Truck manufacturers, Toyota and Nissan

2. Now we're seeing trucks from China and India?

3. The U.S. alone, UAW Union Trucks cost more money to produce.

3. U.S. Manufacturers will be saddled with more restrictions on imported competitors

4. This will force manufacturers to produce diesel engines. This is not a problem except by the fact that diesel fuel production is much lower than gas production that artificially increases the price of fuel

5. The movement of current working environment and in limiting tax regime is trying to increase the tax on diesel and gas emissions

6. Implement standards tread tires (for increased fuel efficiency) This is from California, New York, Oregon and the state legislatures. This translates to more expensive tire manufacturers who have to pass the "fees" to you (tax)

Legislators do not have a plan

Clearly the federal government and legislators have no logging plan for monitoring and managing these phenomenom called "capitalism" and "Global Warming". Manaufacturers causing economic damage through small legislative actions and cost Moron jobs.

More in the legislative

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has increased its roof crush standard vehicle 3 times vehicle weight to increase the 1971 standard of 1.5 times the vehicle weight. This decision is estimated at an additional cost of $ 69.00 to $ 114.00 per vehicle. GM (GM government) is still trying to get out of bankruptcy?

UAW now has a minority stake in GM and Chrysler? what?

The increase in truck fuel economy?

Oregon House Environment and Water Committee approved an alternative to legislation that initially sought to prevent the sale of spare parts, if the parties are the alternatives available "to reduce greenhouse gas emissions "Oregon is also considering the establishment of rolling tire efficiency standards as New York, among others.

The Answer

The only current custodian of state of stupidity and federal legislation is EMS. Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, SEMA political action group actually steps to help eliminate the patchwork of individual state cut legislation. If you like American design, cars, trucks, and aftermarket accessories will urge you to pay attention, and even participate.

Not only the Federal Government has no plan to manage this phenomenon, but the legislature at the state level do not have a clear plan as well. The amount of garbage being thrown up legislation against the barn wall preverbal is incredible.

The point is you can not pay attention to state legislative action, contact SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association). EMS is making an absolutely wonderful job keeping on top of all these issues and work in state and federal levels to keep this madness in the tack. These laws and many more, but nothing .. increase in actual fuel economy of their pickup truck.

With today’s volatile fuel markets and uncertain political agendas, it is possible through a combination of after market truck parts to increase your trucks fuel economy. Being a former contractor with a degree in economics founder Monty Cassel started Truck Economy to pull together the best after market truck parts including the industries best best cold air intakes, best performance spark plugs, performance exhaust systems and fuels additives. Truck economy saves contractors 4×4 enthusiasts and pickup truck owners money! By offering only the best after market pickup truck parts that grew from the necessities of truck racing and the toughest industrial applications (contractors). Create the best aftermarket truck parts, truck accessories and truck fuel additives to help increase truck increasing trucks miles per gallon

The equipment offered from truck economy were all started for the need of improving performance on the race track. Truck Economy does not offer the most popular after market parts and accessories, we offer the best product for the best price!, Truck MPG

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