Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Topaz is a gem that has a long history of being associated with the sun. This is because the colors of a sunrise or sunset are captured in this gem. The Egyptians thought they had a charm or pendant topaz provide protection from the sun god Ra to the wearer. The Romans associated topaz with Jupiter sun god, and considered it a carrier of topaz powerful positive good fortune and events.

Many cultures historically believed that topaz use allows you to be free of vision and thought, and be able to conjure spells or incantations. Historically also believed to give the user almost super-human strengths and forces when in situations of emergency or crisis. In ancient times many noblemen wore topaz, and which are believed to change color when in the presence of poison. Often used in rings and placed his hands on food or drinks to see if there was manipulation. Topaz was also thought to gain strength with the phases of the moon, and thought to cure some diseases and conditions such as insomnia, respiratory problems and some blood disorders.

In modern tradition, the topaz is the birth stone for the month of November. While a very hard stone, can be divided quite easily if it had been beaten on the right angle.


Topaz naturally comes in many different colors. The most recognized color of topaz is an amber or gold color, with hints of peach, toast, brown or orange tones. A color cognac topaz is slightly darker than the amber tone, and tends to have more brown spots.

The largest is the topaz topaz Braganza. Located in the set of the Portuguese crown and was originally supposed to be a diamond. This topaz, while the white topaz called, is actually colorless and is the most common, found in China, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Nigeria and India.

Pink Topaz occurs naturally in Pakistan and Russia, and is occasionally found elsewhere. Pink topaz is usually pale pink, all that is described as "hot pink" or "bright pink" is artificially treated or hot to produce improved color. Heating some shades of pink topaz remove the orange color and will leave a lilac gem.

Brown, red, dark pink, yellow, orange and sherry colored Topaz is found naturally in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Heating and refinement of these different natural colors can lead to a variety darker shades and colors truly unique.

Pale topaz can be irradiated in a laboratory to create a blue topaz. The color of this gem is very clear medium blue, and not dark blue. The pale topaz takes to make a blue topaz is in Sri Lanka, China, Brazil and Nigeria.

In 1998, he began gemologists surface to improve the topaz to create a pale green topaz. This includes Topaz color of a leaf-green to emerald green. Again, this is not a natural gem and requires improving the surface to produce the color.

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