Horizontal Rolling

Horizontal Rolling

One of the best projects to improve housing for updating the look of your home is a fresh
paint job. You can achieve the look of a room painted professionally with these easy, basic

Lets start with the tools you need. I suggest you buy good quality tools supplies,
(brushes, rollers, paint, etc..) Its not necessary to purchase the highest price of the tools and supplies, but
painting tools good quality and allow you to get a professional look. And if you take
care of their tools of washing and drying after each use, you will be able using them to

A list of supplies and tools you will need includes:


First (optional – see below)

BRUSHES (1 suggest wide – 3 inches narrower and 1 – 1 "to" cut "and trim)


Roller Covers

Extension Pole (for high ceilings and walls)

Metal paint tray (best)

Putty (to repair gaskets, fill spaces)

Caulk Gun

Painters Putty (to repair holes, scratches)

Putty Knife (2 inches, 4 inches, or 6 inches, depending on the size of the holes)

Sander (to smooth walls after patching with putty)


Plastic or cloth to cover furniture and floors

When you buy a paint roller extension pole, look comfortable grips, and a roller
and the extension pole is not too heavy. This will allow you to roll the paint on the wall using
taps without difficulty. You will be permanent paint by pressing a "press" the movement
can be difficult with a heavy roller or extension pole. If you do not feel comfortable with the selection of
your tools, ask an experienced salesperson to make suggestions for you. Describe your project,
and the seller can recommend brands for you to choose from.

When buying paint, a good way to get rich and professional in Wikipedia to choose a color that complements
some aspect of the decoration of the room. As suggestion, choose a color from a piece of furniture and
selection of paint that the shade of the walls. You may want to choose a shade slightly lighter than the color of
that match. This creates a soothing background decorators and home improvement
consultants often suggest. Moreover, buying paint for adjustment if you are using a different color for
tapestries of the walls. Once again, I suggest you buy high quality paint. He paints a better roll
beautiful ending, no stripes, and you do not have to apply in many layers to complete

Depending on the paint finish you want, select:

High or Semi Gloss (Gloss – great for bathrooms, and wall areas that would like to be able to wash)

Eggshell (my favorite – A very slight shine that dries with the beautiful texture of an eggshell)

Satin (slightly glossy finish between semi-gloss and flat)

Plain – no shine or gloss.

A note on the card: If you are painting the walls with a lighter color than at present in the walls
will need a primer. Primer serves two purposes: it covers and neutralizes the color darker than
being painted over, and serves as an adhesive for the paint, allowing it to apply uniformly
a smooth finish.

Step 1: To be ready to paint, prepare the walls by patching holes, scratches, and minor wall
gaps with putty or caulking gun. Allow putty or caulk to dry. Gently sand for a good

Step 2: Remove the light switch and outlet covers and applying tape wall mirrors (for example:
bathroom wall mirrors).

Step 3: Cover furniture with plastic or cloth. As an alternative to cover the entire floor
rags, you can spread the canvas on the floor for protection when you are painting,
and move as that painting the room.

Step 4: Now you are ready to paint. Its best to "cut in" the first walls through use your brush to apply
paint from the top of the wall near the ceiling or horizontal brush strokes to
about 6 inches from the ceiling. Is creating an area that will roll up their
roller. I like to "cut" 2 walls in a moment, then filled by material in the paint. Start rolling in the bottom
cutting in the area, including up and down strokes, and merge into the cut in the perfect area for a
appearance. Watch for leaks and remove with a cloth wet, or drops of paint work
your roll immediately. Roll walls, even under pressure. The correct movement is push-press, for
smooth, even, paint application. Once again, verification of drops, and work on them or delete
with a damp cloth.

Step 5: After painting the walls, applying paint to mold and cut with his brush. Apply a light, even
coat with horizontal strokes.

Now you are finished. You can admire your new room which is painted very well, with the
appearance of a professional paint job!

This article was written to provide professional home improvement techniques for crafters and hobbyists. For expert home improvement, home repair, renovation, and contractor services in Atlanta, GA and surrounding counties visit: http://www.craftprodirect.com

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