Honolulu Waikiki

Honolulu Waikiki
Is it far from Waikiki and Honolulu each other?

I am on vacation to Hawaii, in August 2009 in Australia with my best friend and I wondered what Besides as Honolulu and Waikiki are? Also, we climb Diamond Head, have heard good things about the views, where is it? What else / Tours must do while there? Is there anything that spectatcular just tell me to visit? I wonder. Thanks! 🙂 For even the beach, which is Waikiki, on the street? What is the best beach to go? Thank you!

From Waikiki and Honolulu … 2 miles! From the airport to Waikiki 9 miles! So much to do 'Oahu! It's endless! The street is Kalakaua Avenue! If you can get out of Waikiki to explore beaches … I would definitely go to Kailua Beach Park! North Shore has beautiful beaches, but a strong current in the feet and … so definitely take photos and admire the beauty … but not step on the water! As for what to do … I am in the travel industry, so I always say … 1) Arizona Memorial (either a book tour with a company or take the tour … EARLY bus to get there. Arizona Memorial itself is free, but can be all day "in line" agreement if they are not early enough!) 2) Central Polynesia Culture (it's a place that offers a glimpse into the world of … Polynesian islands such as Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, etc … and after visiting each people will have dinner and a spectacular show that features dances of these islands, like the hula and Tahitian and of course … The fire knife dance exciting!) Only an FYI … if you take a circle tour of the island as suggested by another person … to take all day! I would recommend you just rent a car (Advantage Car Rental has the best prices and deals) and going to the island to yourself! It is not easy to get lost and you can ask anyone for directions! This way you get to stop and see what want and stay as long as you want! That's the best way! Hope this helps! Have a great time! I know you! Aloha No!

Ben’s Tours–Waikiki, Honolulu HI

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